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The RevGuru service is tailored around your needs as the owner, your hotel and its position in the local and global online market.  From budget hotels to up market boutique apartments and leisure resorts each accommodation type is studied with personal care and attention to detail, we create bespoke solutions and strategies for your hotel in order to drive occupancy and increase RevPar, we will make sure that the KPI’s which matter to you are delivered efficiently and ultimately improve your bottom line.

We fuse the perfect blend of creativity, experience, relationships and technology to overcome any obstacle and streamline the revenue of your hotel.

Our goal is to sell the right room to the right customer at the right time for the right price via the right distribution channel – all of this to maximize your opportunity.We are experts in online marketing with relationships at the Search engines, Ad Networks and online travel suppliers.

hoteup-icon-32x32We have long established relationships with Online Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Aggregators and Travel brands.

hoteup-icon-32x32Constant analysis of historical and real time data from your hotel and the ‘internet of things’ give us a 360 degree view of supply and demand.

hoteup-icon-32x32Personal experience working in some of the most challenging and competitive markets in the world combined with our own patented pricing algorithms underpinned by a neural network give us the edge over your competition when it comes to pricing.

hoteup-icon-32x32We target the business and consumer groups via the right channels which are best suited to your hotel.  We will get you working with as many online channels as possible, its 2016, this is the internet, your customers are everywhere!

By partnering with RevGuru, you  benefit from commercial and technical economies of scale, our strength in numbers allows you to leverage our relationships with all of our Online Booking Partners and this brings you  real commercial advantages.